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Drawer runners - metal, plastic

In the early 1980s, the first drawer runners with ball bearings were introduced. This has completely changed the furniture industry. Previously, furniture was equipped with something more reminiscent of primitive guidance - usually made of wood or plastic. Over the years, furniture runners technology has evolved. Starting from H17mm drawer slides, which are predisposed to economical furniture, and those that will not support heavy loads, roller runners - which, in fact, can not be classified as ball bearing slides, but they are equipped with a system of lubricating rollers that resemble other guides, to 27mm, 30mm, 35mm high drawer runners, which are much more durable and can be universally used for various types of kitchen, office, room and even metal furniture.


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Drawer runners ball bearing

Today, the most durable and popular solution for drawers are H45 ball-bearing drawer runners/slides, they can support up to 45kg, and very often are equipped with an additional mechanism such as soft closing, push-top-open or auto-lock. The most popular drawer slides' lengths are 400mm, 450, 550mm. The difference between these furniture runners and other drawer's opening solutions will even know an amateur. Drawer runners with ball bearings work the same way as bearings in a car - they are self-lubricating and provide light and smooth sliding of the guides between them. Of course, remember that you must avoid contact with sand, which can simply cause grinding and unpleasant sound when moving. Nevertheless, it is still much more usable and resistant to external factors technology of furniture components. In addition, their powerful advantage is the ability to detach the drawer from the cabinet body, without having to dismantle it and unscrew a single screw.


Drawer runners - popular dimensions 

We can not forget about the runners for wooden drawers or otherwise called "undermount drawer runners". While all the ball bearing slides H53mm, H45mm, H35mm, H30mm, H27mm, and H17mm are mounted on the sides of the drawer, the undermount drawer runners are, as the name implies, attached from below. Thanks to this, for more visually sensitive customers, the drawer looks aesthetically pleasing and there are no additional elements visible except the wooden box of the drawer. Of course, here we can also choose from several additional opening/closing mechanisms such as silent closing or push-to-open. In addition, we have the ability to adjust the front, vertical and horizontal adjustment, which is really great help at the installation. When choosing the right drawer runners, one must definitely take into account the brand factor - when buying products from brands such as German Hettich (Atira) or Austrian Blum (Tandembox), we are sure of the quality and class in themselves, but sometimes the solutions provided by these companies are simply too expensive. We, Furnica, come to the rescue, offering almost identical quality at much more attractive prices. However, we do not force you - you can also buy Blum and Hettich products at competitive prices from us. To sum up, there are many solutions and options when choosing components for drawers. We are sure that with us you will find what you are looking for.



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