Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Cremona Oak Sandy 14mm

Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Cremona Oak Sandy 14mm

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Technical data: Cremona Oak Sandy Screw Cover Caps 14mm

 Material colour: Cremona Oak Sandy
 Self-Adhesive: Yes
 Diameter: 14mm
 Quantity per sheet: 50 pieces
 Designed for: Screws


Bring a new colour to your living space

Usually, when we think about changing our home décor, we predict big costs and time-consuming upgrades. But in reality, there are plenty of simple solutions that can significantly improve our experience while living in our home. Applying self-adhesive caps for screw tops can be a fun and easy way to uplift the look of our furniture. It brings style and colour palette consistency that we seek in our interiors.

What can you find in this offer

Here we present 50 pieces of self-adhesive caps in stylish in Oak Sandy colour style. This shade is a perfect match to any modern space designed with light beiges, whites, greys and many more! To bring new life to your furniture, check out all the colour options available in this category. We made sure to include all the most popular choices. In case of questions, please contact us. We are always glad to advise you on the best solutions.