Drawer runners 950mm

Drawer runners 950mm

Almost no burden is terrible for them. They are able to work for decades without the slightest loss in quality. That's what you can say about the special heavy-duty, large drawer runners 950mm. Made of sturdy metal (steel, zinc-coated steel, aluminum alloys), these drawer runners have amazing properties. In most of the guide rails presented in this category, the maximum load is up to 136 kilograms. This is often much more than the weight of the entire wardrobe in which such a guide can be placed!

In the Furnica online store you will find the best 950mm drawer runners you need. They are perfect products for large-scale projects. You will fit into your large wardrobe at home or in office furniture. You can use this guide for workshop and production furniture. Incredible durability and reliable ball-bearing mechanism means that even particles of dust or sand should not block the mechanism. Usage is very convenient, trouble-free, and completely comfortable.

Fittings and furniture accessories available here may be great also for your further DIY projects. Simply choose the drawer runners (950mm) you'd like and start preparation. These elements can be very easily mounted to different furniture solutions, so the only limitations may be other raw materials and your imagination!


Drawer runners ball bearing 950mm - H53 (right and left side)

Technical data: Heavy-duty drawer runners 950mm H53  Producer: Furnica  Length: 950mm  Height: 53mm  Material: Zinc coated steel  Material Thickness: 2.0mm  Max Weight: 136kg  Additional Mechanism: None...

Technical data: Heavy-duty drawer runners 950mm H53  Producer: Furnica  Length: 950mm  ...

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Heavy-duty drawer runners 950mm

When installing furniture guides, it is always important to take measurements of the furniture correctly. For heavy-duty drawer runners (950mm in this category) these steps are even more important due to the potentially higher load the runner will have to support. So make sure all steps are followed correctly. The set also includes a simple manufacturer's manual.

Strong 950mm drawer runners most often have a metallic zinc color. They are available in sets - pairs (one left and one right slide). Check the technical parameters carefully to find out more about the selected product. Some ball bearing slides have additional mechanisms built in, e.g. soft-close and full extension, which ensure even greater functionality and comfort of using the furniture on a daily basis.



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