Drawer slides Push-to-Open

Set of Push-to-Open Ball Bearing Slides (left and right), H45

Technical data: Ball bearing slides Push to Open H45  Producer: Furnica  Length: 250-700mm  Height: 45mm  Material: Zinc coated steel  Material Thickness: 1.0/1.0/1.2mm  Max Weight: 45kg  Additional...

Technical data: Ball bearing slides Push to Open H45  Producer: Furnica  Length: 250-700m...

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Push to open system drawer slides

Push to open is an innovative system that provides much more functionality to furniture. Push to open system slides guarantee maximum comfort and convenience. This system allows the drawer to be opened with a gentle pressure. Drawers equipped with this type of slides do not require handles.
Push to open slides are particularly suitable for bathroom and kitchen furniture. This is a result of everyday practice. It is often the case, after all, that you have two hands full when cooking and need to open the drawer. Then it is enough to press it gently - with the surface of your hand, elbow, or even your leg in the case of drawers located at the bottom.
The push to open mechanism will surely appeal to all those who prefer additional conveniences. Drawers equipped with such a system of slides will be operated much faster and more conveniently. What is more, they also offer greater arrangement possibilities due to the fact that there is no need to install handles.