Drawer slides auto-lock

Smooth movement with the auto-lock ball bearing slides

Ball bearing drawer runners will give you the smoothest movement of your drawers that you could ever experience. Everything will move completely trouble-free and without any reservations, so that you can be satisfied with the work of these drawer slides. Also, they have an auto-lock system, which basically means, that the drawer will not open and to unlock it, you push it lightly and the drawer will open to its full extension, so this is a really nice feature to have.

Set of Auto-Lock Ball Bearing Slides (left and right), H45

Technical data: Ball bearing slides Auto-Lock H45  Producer: Furnica  Length: 250-700mm  Height: 45mm  Material: Zinc coated steel  Material Thickness: 1.0/1.0/1.2mm  Max Weight: 45kg  Additional Mechanism: Auto...

Technical data: Ball bearing slides Auto-Lock H45  Producer: Furnica  Length: 250-700mm ...

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Full extension will save you time and energy

The zinc coated steel makes these drawer guides a durable and strong construction, so they will not break down and they can stay with you for much longer. And with their feature called full extension – you will really want them to stay for a very long time in your house. This is a very practical feature, so you will love it right away when you get to try these ball bearing drawer slides. You will not have to spend too much time on searching for things because everything will be in the reach of your hands, and you will see everything well, so you will just grab whatever you want from now on without getting irritated!



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