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Set of POM Roller Slides White

Technical data: POM Roller Slides  Producer: Furnica  Length: 250-600mm  Material: Powder coated steel  Max Weight: 25kg  Colour: White   Best quality and unique design Our product...

Technical data: POM Roller Slides  Producer: Furnica  Length: 250-600mm  Material: Po...

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Roller Slides - POM

Roller slides, i.e. roller guides, are the most frequently chosen competitors for ball bearing slides. They are characterized by a smaller possible lifting capacity (usually up to about 25 kg) and a slightly smaller extension. Roller slides can be used on the surface of the kitchen, bathroom or room furniture. A great advantage is the very convenient use of drawers with mounted roller slides.
Roller runners are extremely quiet. Opening and closing drawers are very smooth. Thanks to these features, they are perfect for drawers whose daily operation is high - e.g. drawers in wardrobes or drawers for cutlery and kitchen tools.
The highest quality materials used in the production of slides translate into long-term and trouble-free operation. Universal colours will perfectly match any type of drawer interior. Liquid pull-out mechanism is also associated with another advantage - slides with rollers are very easy to install.