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Grey cable grommets

Check all grey products in this category to organize cables on desks. Tangled cables are a common problem. Not only are they dangerous, but they also clutter the desk and reduce work efficiency. It all affects the worse visual effect in your office. Based on this assumption, Furnica offers the purchase of universal cable grommets. In this group, you will find selected desk cable management grommets in fashionable grey colours. These cable tidy hole covers are very simple but effective. You can easily place a light and small grommet on every desk. You can easily pass cables and wires through it.


Plastic Cable Grommet Ø60mm, Grey

Technical data: Cable Grommet Plastic 60mm Grey  Inner Diameter: 60mm  Outer Diameter: 71mm  Height: 18mm  Material: Plastic  Colour: Grey   High quality product that will help you...

Technical data: Cable Grommet Plastic 60mm Grey  Inner Diameter: 60mm  Outer Diameter: 71...

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Grey cable grommets usually are chosen by the business

The great advantage of choosing grey cable grommets is their huge versatility. Like white and black products, they can be installed on all types of desks. It doesn't matter if we have a desk or a wooden table, light or dark - grey cable grommets will perfectly match any type of furniture! Check our cable grommets offer now. See also other categories and subcategories of the Furnica store. Choose a product tailored to your needs, and if you have questions –please contact us.



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