Desk cable grommet 20mm

Tiny but effective – 20 mm cable grommets

Sometimes, when only a few accessories belong to the desk and there are not many cables, it is worth choosing desk cable hole covers that are not too huge to overwhelm your desk stylistically. To this end, it is worth using products collected in this special category. Here, you will see cable grommets, whose internal dimensions are only 20 mm. Despite the small size, these cable grommets have the advantages of other products. First of all, it is worth using the presented cable grommets in order to make your desk or table finally organized. Through cable grommet's hole, you put all the cables - e.g. from a printer, scanner, phone charger, computer and I / O devices. This way you will gain extra space on your desk because unnecessary cables don't have to clutter with it. Space will immediately become more pleasant, larger, which will have a good effect on your work, as well as on the customer's visualization (if you use cable grommets in the workplace).


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Desk cable grommets – plenty of colours

Metal, plastic, black, white, brown, satin or chrome - choose from a multitude of available colour options. Buy desk cable grommets that will perfectly match your furniture, which will "blend" visually into the office space. On the other hand, sometimes it is worth putting a distinction. Such a small colour accent will work great in this!



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