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White cable grommets

In this category, we present white cable grommets, which are used to organize all cables on the desk or table. Neatness, aesthetics and cleanliness are the most common associations associated with white colour. This is probably why white cable grommets are so often chosen by our customers. These products are extremely universal. The white colour will match wooden desks as well as plastic tables. It is easy to imagine its use in large office spaces, small offices and at home. Of course, the biggest advantage of desk cable management grommets is that they allow you to get rid of problems with tangled cables. You will organize all the cables at once. The cables will look neat and professional. White colour, however, adds a positive effect to this.


Plastic Cable Grommet Ø60mm, White

Technical data: Cable Grommet Plastic 60mm White  Inner Diameter: 60mm  Outer Diameter: 71mm  Height: 18mm  Material: Plastic  Colour: White   Are you looking for a way to...

Technical data: Cable Grommet Plastic 60mm White  Inner Diameter: 60mm  Outer Diameter: 7...

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Desk cable grommets white – choose proven solutions

Check our products and choose exactly the cable grommet that suits you best. You can choose from plastic and metal products. Round products are the most popular version of desk cable grommets for cable management. However, in other categories of the Furnica online store, you will also find rectangular and square cable grommets. All products are characterized by the low price, great appearance and the highest quality. We invite you to place orders. We accept individual and wholesale orders.



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