Glass Gaskets/Seals

Glass seal - the aesthetic multi-tasker 

The 4mm glass seal facilitates the work on the construction of sliding doors. Thanks to this, we can safely use glass as a filling element for sliding doors in the aluminum system without the use of wedges. This gasket helps to reduce the differences in the thickness of the profile from 10mm to 4mm, and protects the glass against vibrations and looks very aesthetically. Very important is that the seal is symmetrical, which means we can use is for walk in wardrobe sliding doors and it will look great from both sides.

Due to the fact that the seal itself is very flexible - we sell it in rolls, which facilitates transport and saves space in the warehouse.

Steel system in two-metre lengths

On the other hand, with the steel system - we use plastic slats that help to reduce differences in the levels of filling. They are not that flexible as the gaskets for aluminum system that is why we do sell it in 2-meter sections to provide you with the greatest possible ergonomics in production and to reduce the amount of waste.



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