Screw cover caps white

Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - White 14mm

Technical data: Screw Cover Caps White  Material colour: White  Self-Adhesive: Yes  Diameter: 14mm  Quantity per sheet: 50 pieces  Designed for: Screws   Self-adhesive caps for your...

Technical data: Screw Cover Caps White  Material colour: White  Self-Adhesive: Yes  Di...

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White screw hole cover caps – practical and irreplaceable 

You can effectively cover less aesthetic screw heads with these Furnica screw cover caps. You can also use them to replace worn similar parts or to cover some furniture covers in particular furniture. It is a simple and small element, but it is of great practical importance. Remember that unsecured screws can be dangerous for e.g. a small child. Screw hole caps supplied by Furnica are characterized by durability. Once you buy these long-life products, you won't have to exchange them for long.


Cover caps in white color

In this category, we only present white protective caps for screws and other protruding elements. The advantage of white color is a very high degree of universality. White screw cover caps can be used in different rooms and will always look good!


Screw cover caps (hole cover caps) for enterprises and wholesalers

Furnica has been operating on the furniture market for decades. We have offices in several countries around the world and we sell internationally. Our products are addressed to both individual clients, business owners and wholesalers. Feel free to contact us!