Screw cover caps oak

Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Oak 14mm

Technical data: Screw Cover Caps Oak  Material colour: Oak  Self-Adhesive: Yes  Diameter: 14mm  Quantity per sheet: 50 pieces  Designed for: Screws   Furniture cover caps 14 mm...

Technical data: Screw Cover Caps Oak  Material colour: Oak  Self-Adhesive: Yes  Diame...

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Oakwood screw cover caps

Wooden stylized screw plastic caps are one of the more convenient solutions. Furnica offers universal screw cover caps at attractive prices. Read the description below or go straight to the details of the selected product!


Oak screw cover caps – secure furniture and walls properly

The self-adhesive cover caps presented in this category are very small protective stickers. Despite their small size, their significance is very high, because the displayed products are responsible for safety. All protruding elements should be sealed so that in case of contact with them by the child no undesirable situation occurs. Furthermore, the presented plastic oak screw hole covers are great if you are looking for a tiny but smart tool to hide some imperfections of the walls or furniture (mostly desks, tables, wardrobes, but not only). Choose the right colour that best suits your surface, and then glue our screw cover caps yourself! There is no greater philosophy here.


Choose from different colours!

Check what kind of screw cover caps we currently offer. Then choose the product that best suits your needs. Remember that sometimes it is better to choose the colour closest to the colour of the item on which the curtain is to be glued, and sometimes the closest to its opposite – because contrasts do matter either!