Screw cover caps grey

Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Grey 14mm

Technical data: Grey Screw Cover Caps 14mm  Material colour: Grey  Self-Adhesive: Yes  Diameter: 14mm  Quantity per sheet: 50 pieces  Designed for: Screws   Hide the smallest imperfections...

Technical data: Grey Screw Cover Caps 14mm  Material colour: Grey  Self-Adhesive: Yes ...

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Screw cover caps – grey

We invite you to familiarize yourself with products in this category. Here you will find the highest quality screw cover caps in a fashionable grey shade. Gray screw cover caps find great use in office and public spaces, but not only. It is well known that greys are perfect colours in terms of universality - they match many elements. I will be perfect if you need cover caps for spaces decorated in industrial style.


Self-adhesive screw cover caps – secure your home easy and cheap

The self-adhesive cover caps presented in this category are very small protective stickers. However, their importance is disproportionately larger than their size! Such an element becomes not only important when we look at issues related to aesthetics, but especially important when we want to secure the apartment so that nothing happens to children and loved ones. Buy the best quality grey screw cover caps at a great low price at Furnica. Cover the protruding parts in a few seconds. Space will be safe and look better.


Enterprises and wholesalers

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