Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Grey 14mm

Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Grey 14mm

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Technical data: Grey Screw Cover Caps 14mm

 Material colour: Grey
 Self-Adhesive: Yes
 Diameter: 14mm
 Quantity per sheet: 50 pieces
 Designed for: Screws
 Suitable for: EGGER U201 ST9
NCS S3502-Y
RAL 7044



Hide the smallest imperfections

Classy and chic look go hand in hand with functionality. Only such a combination of your furniture will ensure that it fulfils its role very well and looks beautiful. When you need to assemble the furniture in question, it is necessary to use appropriate screws or bolts. They support the weight of added shelves or sides of the furniture to form a solid whole, resistant to deformation and mechanical damage associated with high loads. Unfortunately, it is often the case that these elements protrude from the furniture's surface or make unsightly holes in it. Furnica has created something ideal for such a solution. These are furniture cover caps. It only takes a moment, and They can glue them onto the desired area of the furniture hiding the above defects.

Specification of furniture end caps

Furnica has added top-quality glue to their end caps to enable them to be glued on with the utmost precision for a long period of time. One sheet presented here consists of 50 grey individual end caps, making them last for a very long time. The diameter has been designed with the universal screw size in mind (14 mm), making them extremely versatile.
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