Cabinet hinges 135°

Cabinet hinge 135 degrees

The cabinet hinges shown here, which enable a steady 135 opening angle, are suitable for installation in various types of parallel and corner doors. The relatively high opening angle makes the use of a given piece of furniture very comfortable, and the removal and insertion of products is extremely easy.

135º Angular Hinge, H2 Mounting Plate with EURO Screws, Corner Doors

Technical data: Cabinet hinge 135° Corner Doors  Opening Angle: 135°  Soft-Close No  Cup Hole Diameter: Ø35mm  Mounting Plate Type: Slide-On  Mounting Plate Height: H2  Designed For: Corner doors...

Technical data: Cabinet hinge 135° Corner Doors  Opening Angle: 135°  Soft-Close No  Cup ...

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Cabinet hinge 135 degrees

The 135 degree furniture hinge is a product that can be installed in a variety of doors. Due to its subdued, universal aesthetics, the hinges can be used in wooden, metal, coloured and uniform doors. In any case, the product will look good, thanks to the easy adaptation of the universal material to the rest of the door.
Another advantage is the low price of the furniture hinge and its very high strength. If you decide to purchase a cabinet hinge at 135 degrees, you can expect a completely failure-free and quiet door operation for many decades. After proper installation of the hinge, the door will open and close easily and steadily.



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