Cabinet hinges 90°

Cabinet hinge 90 degrees

Every door requires appropriate hinges in order to be able to function properly. The presented furniture hinge 90 degrees is designed for different types of parallel doors. It will work well with furniture located among other cabinets. Cabinet hinges 90 degrees are made of nickel-plated steel, thanks to which they are extremely durable and durable. Frequent closing and opening of doors runs smoothly and always without failure.

Hinge type "FROG"

Technical data: Cabinet hinge 90° - FROG  Opening Angle: 90°  Soft-Close No  Material: Nickel coated steel  Colour: Chrome   High quality at a great price Furnica supplies...

Technical data: Cabinet hinge 90° - FROG  Opening Angle: 90°  Soft-Close No  Material: N...

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Cabinet hinge 90 degrees

Nickel-plated furniture hinges will match cabinet doors in various styles due to their subdued, universal colour. They will perfectly adapt to decorative doors, as well as more minimalistic, monochrome doors. The use of a cabinet hinge of 90 degrees allows for a wide opening angle of the door, which is completely sufficient to use the interior of the furniture. Daily household work, e.g. kitchen work in the context of kitchen cabinets, will run quickly and efficiently. Focusing on the highest durability and high level of functionality, it is worth ordering the presented furniture hinges now.



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