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One of the alternative ways of fastening wood materials and the like is to use screws, or actually screw nuts, t-nuts. Here we present the highest quality t-nuts used in the furniture and assembly industry. These nuts come in various size variants. They are connected by high quality and compatibility with other elements presented in other subcategories. Enjoy your shopping!


T-nuts M8 - Zinc coated steel 1000 pcs

Technical data: Zinc coated steel T-Nuts M8  Diameter: M8  Quantity: 1000 pieces  Material: Zinc coated steel  Colour: Zinc   Include this set of 1000 T-nuts in...

Technical data: Zinc coated steel T-Nuts M8  Diameter: M8  Quantity: 1000 pieces  Mat...

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T-nuts M6 - Zinc coated steel 1000 pcs

Technical data: Zinc coated steel T-Nuts M6  Diameter: M6  Quantity: 1000 pieces  Material: Zinc coated steel  Colour: Zinc   Equip your tool kit with this set...

Technical data: Zinc coated steel T-Nuts M6  Diameter: M6  Quantity: 1000 pieces  Mat...

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What is t-nut? Specification

T-nuts (tee nuts) are nuts that are used to clamp a given workpiece, usually made of wood. T-nuts are also used for wood-like and composite materials. Screwing them in allows you to maintain a relatively smooth surface while obtaining good connection parameters. High-quality t-nuts presented in this category guarantee very good furniture joining conditions. They are commonly used to connect various wood, composite and other panels. T-nuts are characterized by a thin body with a collar at one end. It is because of such appearance and structure that they have been so named. Their shape resembles the letter 'T'. T-nuts were patented for the first time in 1969. They had an octagonal base at that time. They quickly proved to be much more efficient compared to ordinary nuts. They began to be widely used in industry. Currently, they are most often mechanically assembled, but some furniture and other manufactories use them in manual or semi-automatic production.


How does t-nut work?

These T-nuts are threaded steel inserts with teeth that stick into the material. The serrated structure after tightening the screw allows it to hold firmly in the material. The presented products are characterized by very high durability and durability, so you do not have to worry about any failure. After installing the T-nut, the common screw is used to connect the corresponding parts together. The nut itself provides the screw and both connecting elements with complete stability. Even in not very good material, the whole structure will not move but will maintain stability. As we mentioned, these screws are mainly used in tape production, but if you are a DIY enthusiast, also consider buying them. Certainly, they will be useful for many projects that require a trusted and strong furniture connection!


Wholesale global orders – Furnica quality

We have been operating in the furniture industry for decades, providing customers from around the world with proven furniture accessories. We sell retail and wholesale. As a result, we are able to offer the highest quality products at the best prices. See for yourself now - check the quality of Furnica! In addition to the t-nuts presented in this category, we also have many other types of nuts and bolts. Check other subcategories of shelf brackets, door dumpers, screws, hinges and more. We invite you to place orders and contact us, we are happy to advise you on the selection of individual products.



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