Screw fasteners

Probably the best screw fasteners on the market

Screw fasteners (screw fastenings) are the kind of furniture connectors that will help you to connect two different parts into one durable piece. In this category, we present the highest quality screw fasteners. You will use them to combine different elements. These types of screws are widely used in the furniture industry and not only around the world. Of course, they will also be useful to people who like to DIY at home. Products in various sizes are available. Check our entire offer now!


Ø6 Screw Fastening

Technical data: Screw Fastening M6  Material colour: Nickel (G02)  Material: Nickel coated steel  Adjustable length: 14mm  Connector length: 27mm  Connector diameter: Ø6mm   Adjustable screw fastenings...

Technical data: Screw Fastening M6  Material colour: Nickel (G02)  Material: Nickel coate...

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Ø8 Screw Fastening

Technical data: Screw Fastening M8  Material colour: Nickel (G02)  Material: Nickel coated steel  Adjustable length: 8mm  Connector length: 28mm  Connector diameter: Ø8mm   Screw fastenings Ø8mm,...

Technical data: Screw Fastening M8  Material colour: Nickel (G02)  Material: Nickel coate...

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Screw fasteners – a guarantee of furniture stable joining

Screw fastenings work in such a way that they press both parts to be connected from the outside. Thanks to this, it is widely believed that this is one of the better ways to combine furniture elements. Of course, they will not work for every task, because sometimes it is better to use confirmat screws and/or cam lock nuts - it all depends on the type of furniture parts to be connected. Nevertheless, it can be safely said that screw fastenings will be the perfect way if you are looking for dry, non-adhesive, durable assembly methods. They offer a connection option that will last for countless years. This method is characterized by very high durability. The disadvantage may be the disassembly of screw fasteners after years - then usually new screws should be used.


Screw fastenings in the furniture industry

With a high degree of certainty, it can be said that there is currently no furniture manufacture in the world that would produce furniture and furniture parts without using these little and so much practical screw fasteners. The functionality of such a combination is a very big advantage. In addition, these elements can be used by DIY enthusiasts. They will be useful for various projects. As a standard, they are to combine wooden boards, laminates or chipboards, but in fact, they are also suitable for many other materials. High joint strength is one thing, but the price of screw fasteners is also important. As you can see, watching the Furnica store offer, these elements are really cheap. Great price/quality ratio. See for yourself!



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