480mm cabinet handles

480 mm cabinet handles for any decor

Cabinet handles with length of 480 mm will really be something that you will fall for right away when you purchase and mount them. This type of cabinet handles can fit to any of your furniture and also they can be a match to many kinds of interiors. And this is a really big benefit, but with how simple their designs are, it should not be that shocking. Cabinet holders like these can be a great part of your bathroom, kitchen or even bedroom – the versatility like that deserves more attention without a doubt!

TECHNO furniture handle 480mm - Black Matt

Technical data: Furniture handle 480mm Black Matt   Hole Centers: 480mm  Outer Length: 505mm  Height: 28mm  Width: 8mm  Material: ZnAl  Mounting screws: Attached  Screws size: 3x25mm  Colour:...

Technical data: Furniture handle 480mm Black Matt   Hole Centers: 480mm  Outer Length: ...

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Comfortable, stylish and practical

With how stylish, classy and chic they are, you will be shocked to know that they are also exceedingly comfortable when it comes to use of them. But it is true – they are easy to catch, you will not have any troubles with holding onto them and they do not slip out of hands either. They are true all rounders in every kind of way. The practicality they can ensure you with will amaze you day by day. And you need to keep in mind that cabinet knobs are something you use every single day so it is very important to choose something that will not annoy you!



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