32mm cabinet handles

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Cabinet handles 32 mm

In this category, we present furniture handles in dimension 32 mm. These are less common products on the market, which are very small and can therefore be used for special applications. For example, if you have relatively small kitchen cabinets or you want a modern, neat design, these cabinet handles 32 mm will work great for you! We invite you to check products in this category, as well as on other pages of the Furnica online store. All products are made of very high-quality materials. The most commonly used material is copper and zinc alloy - ZnAl. Go to the subpage of a specific product to see the exact parameters such as height, width, internal and external length of our cabinet handles.


Cabinet handles 32 mm – excellent functionality

The presented products are very popular among customers. Several factors affect this. First of all, the attractive design deserves attention. Compare different models of decorative cabinet handles on our website conveniently. Due to the highest quality outer coating, our cabinet handles, including the 32 mm cabinet handles, are very practical. They do not accumulate a lot of dust on them, they are very easy to clean, and the ergonomic shapes make them very handy products. Installation is also extremely hassle-free. Use the instructions that we attach to the product.


Use of 32 mm cabinet handles

Although, as the name suggests, they are dedicated to handles of cabinets, mainly kitchen cabinets, calmly use them for other furniture. They are suitable for cupboards, bookshelves and glass and wooden cabinets, ideally, they will be used as bedroom furniture handles!