Furniture knobs

Cabinet knob - Chrome

Technical data: Cabinet knob  Inner Diameter: 22mm  Outer Diameter: 28mm  Height: 24mm  Screw Thread: M4  Material: ZnAl  Colour: Chrome   Practical door handles for interior and...

Technical data: Cabinet knob  Inner Diameter: 22mm  Outer Diameter: 28mm  Height: 24mm...

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Furniture knobs

Furniture knobs are an ideal alternative to door handles. They are similarly functional, and in many cases look even more attractive. Especially worth buying cupboard and cabinet knobs. They will make your cabinet fronts look stylish. In this category, we present all furniture knobs sold in the Furnica store. The products are very versatile, which is why you can use them also to a different kind of furniture you have. See now all types of furniture knobs and choose the product that best suits your needs!


Furniture knobs – for doors, cabinets, cupboards and wardrobes

Furniture knobs are commonly used in furniture production. Most often they are placed in kitchen cabinets and other room furniture. Due to the decorative aspect, they are an ideal alternative to classic handles. Great-looking furniture knobs would be a perfect match for older-styled wooden wardrobes, antiques and other furniture. Choose from different types of furniture knobs. Find products that will perfectly match kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets. Match the furniture knobs to the drawers in your desk or wardrobe so that the whole looks exclusive. With all products presented in this category, everything will be possible.


The colours of furniture knobs

If you are wondering what furniture knobs to choose, try to think first which colours blend well with the front of the cabinet or drawer. There are many strategies. Apply contrasts to make the furniture more visible. Or on the contrary - choose a Furnica furniture knob that will perfectly blend in with the furniture colour. In our offer, you will find metal furniture knobs, chrome furniture knobs and brass furniture knobs. It doesn't matter if the fronts of your cabinets are white, beige, black or any other colour. Familiarize yourself with all the decorative furniture knobs proposed by Furnica, and you will certainly find your dream product.


Knobs for every type of furniture

Of course, we know perfectly well that there are furniture in which it is better to mount a classic furniture handle - horizontal or vertical. In many cases, however, it is worth choosing an alternative which is a furniture knob. If you are looking for a furniture handle or furniture knob for a specific application, click one of the tags at the top to go to the subpage. In the Furnica online store, you will find standard and decorative furniture knobs for various types of furniture. Buy products that will perfectly match a large wardrobe, buy small metal furniture knobs that are suitable for delicate cabinets.


Furnica – your trusted furniture handles and knobs supplier

We encourage you to check all products in this category, as well as those available on other subpages of the Furnica online store. Our products are very durable, so you will not have to replace them. The installation process is also very accessible. We invite you to place orders!