128mm cabinet handles

Furniture handle 128mm UZ04 - Satin

Technical data: Satin furniture handle 128mm  Inner Length: 128mm  Outer Length: 156mm  Height: 21mm  Width: 12mm  Material: ZnAl  Colour: Satin   Classic design – decorative cabinet...

Technical data: Satin furniture handle 128mm  Inner Length: 128mm  Outer Length: 156mm ...

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Cabinet handles 128 mm

Here we present cabinet handles in extremely large sizes. Cabinet handles 128 mm is a proposal for people who have large furniture that requires a large handle. On other pages of the Furnica online store, you will also find cabinet handles 64 mm and cabinet handles 96 mm. These decorative furniture handles make a great impression and you will certainly appreciate their aesthetics. Besides, these are very practical and functional products.


Types of decorative cabinet handles 128 mm

This category consists of 128 mm cabinet handles, but you'll find many different products here. Due to the colours you can distinguish modern metal cabinet handles, brass cabinet handles, decorative chrome cabinet handles as well as white and black cabinet handles. The latter will be useful when you are looking for handles for unique, modernist arrangements. Please note that they can be a great contrast addition (e.g. white kitchen cabinets with fancy black decorative cabinet handles). Other crazy people are appreciated by our clients due to their aesthetics, professional and attractive appearance. Satin, metal, chrome door handles are perfect not only for kitchen furniture. Use them also for office and other furniture!


Choose the best cabinet handles for your furniture

We invite you to place orders for cabinet handles 128 mm. We serve individual customers, large stores and wholesalers with the same pleasure! If you need advice on how to choose cabinet handles, be sure to write - we'll be happy to help!