Edge Grip Round Profile Handle 128mm (148mm total length) - Aluminum

Edge Grip Round Profile Handle 128mm (148mm total length) - Aluminum

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Technical data: Profile handle Aluminum 128mm

 Hole center: 128mm
 Length: 148mm
 Height: 45mm
 Material: Aluminum
 Colour: Black
 Included: 1 grip + Fixing screws (3,5 x 16mm)

Edge grip round profile handle is suitable for everything

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to match everything at our place. The simple and classy design of this cabinet handle will ensure you with everything you need. Aluminium colour is very versatile so you will not have to fear that whole matching thing. It can suit many types of furniture – big wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets. You will certainly find it a good place and we can assure you that it will serve its purpose well in there!

Convenience, simple design, good price

This cabinet bracket can surely satisfy many of our customers and no wonder – it has everything you could think of! The convenience is probably its biggest benefit – and also the most important one. You will no longer have to put up with annoying cabinet holders. You will enjoy this type of round profile furniture handle. It is also safe in use, because of its round edges, so you will not hurt yourself. The affordable price makes this edge grip even more attractive!