Edge Grip UFO Profile Handle 128mm (148mm total length) - Brushed Steel

Edge Grip UFO Profile Handle 128mm (148mm total length) - Brushed Steel

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Technical data: Profile handle UFO Brushed Steel 128mm

 Hole center: 128mm
 Length: 148mm
 Height: 45mm
 Material: Aluminum
 Colour: Brushed Steel
 Included: 1 grip + Fixing screws (3,5 x 16mm)

    Edge grip UFO profile handle 128mm (148 mm total length) – Brushed Steel

    A good production material, which is aluminum, ensures this cabinet handle with longevity, strength and solid build quality that you need. Not to mention, that a simple design and smooth edges will make you safe, because you will definitely not hurt yourself while using the furniture bracket. It is extremely easy to catch it and hold onto it without any troubles, so you will not have to get irritated anymore when the cabinet holder slips out of your hands, because this one will surely not do so.

    Brushed steel colour matches with everything

    If you like versatile colours that will still bring you some freshness to your apartment, this brushed steel colour is certainly something that you cannot miss out on. It will suit both shades – light ones and dark ones. However you decide to arrange your place, this cabinet bracket will surely be something that you will appreciate, because it can complement the whole decor extremely well.