Leather Handle Rectangular 96mm / 128mm / 160mm

Leather Handle Rectangular 96mm / 128mm / 160mm

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Technical data: Leather Handle Rectangular

Material: Natural vegetable tanned leather
Hole center:  96mm / 128mm / 160mm
Length: 123mm / 152mm / 190mm
Width: 19mm
Leather thickness: 3,2 - 3,8mm
Production: 100% Hand-made
Origin: from Polish and Italian tanneries
Material colour: Brown / Black / Cognac
Color of the caps: Black / Gold / Silver
Minimum front thickness: 12mm
Maximum front thickness: 24mm

Leather Handle Rectangular 96mm / 128mm / 160mm

Purchasing a new furniture handle is not an easy task. If you want to have a really practical furniture bracket, it needs to have a solid build quality and a good visual side on top of that. Full comfort of use is a basic thing as well. Our functional furniture holder will ensure you with all of that. It has been made from natural vegetable tanned leather – it is durable and strong. It is also difficult to damage, so you can be fully sure that it will live a long life.

A great connection of looks and comfort of use

Our useful grip does not slip out of hands and it is very easy to catch and hold onto it. Thanks to that, you will be fully safe while using it. This rectangular handgrip for furniture also presents itself very well and you must admit that such a simple and classy style is the best choice you can make. Aside from that, you do not have to overpay for a luxurious and fabulous furniture accessory of this type. This cheap handle for furniture will serve its purpose perfectly well at your house and you will not want to replace this leather furniture holder with anything else for sure.