Edge Grip Profile Handle 32mm (52mm total length) - Gold

Edge Grip Profile Handle 32mm (52mm total length) - Gold

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Technical data: Profile handle Gold 32mm

 Hole center: 32mm
 Length: 52mm
 Height: 40mm
 Material: Aluminum
 Colour: Gold
 Included: 1 grip + Fixing screws (3,5 x 16mm)



Edge grip profile handle is of a good quality

This small cabinet handle will be a perfect fit for any furniture you wish – whether you want it in your kitchen or a bathroom, it will certainly fulfil all of your expectations when it comes to its technical features. The cabinet bracket is comfortable in use and it is also really easy to catch and hold onto it – and trust us, this is very important! If you do not want to get annoyed by something you use on a daily basis, you should definitely check this out to be sure – and with our Furnica furniture handle, you can always feel safe.

True gold in every way

Such a subtle gold colour can add some elegance and freshness into your apartment. A cabinet holder like this one can be a part of many types of furniture and you will be surprised how well it looks with both types of shades – light ones and dark ones. Whatever your decor looks like, you can be sure that a gold grip will complement it very well and you will definitely not have to worry about all of that matching process. It is gold, but the simple design and delicate shade of colour makes it all look classy.