Shelf brackets

Durable shelf brackets you need

Provide the best support for shelves and other furniture elements. Choose the mounting methods that are the most reliable and give you a high level of stability. In this category, you will buy the best shelf brackets Furnica. The products are varied and are used to embed a shelf or other furniture against the wall. They can be placed directly on the wall or installed within cabinets. Familiarize yourself with our products and choose the one that will work best for you!


Floating Shelf Support (Concealed)

Technical data: Concealed Shelf Support  Material colour: Zinc   Material: Zinc coated steel  Minimum shelf thickness: 24mm  Shelf angle adjustment: Yes  Side adjustment: ±4mm  Height adjustment: ±4mm...

Technical data: Concealed Shelf Support  Material colour: Zinc   Material: Zinc coated s...

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Angle Bracket Chrome

Technical data: Chrome Angle Bracket  Material colour: Chrome (G01)  Material: Steel  Designed for: Shelf   Angle bracket chrome Every shelf needs some angle bracket that will...

Technical data: Chrome Angle Bracket  Material colour: Chrome (G01)  Material: Steel ...

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Shelf brackets – metal, plastic, aluminium 

Choose from products made from the highest quality components. We sell metal shelf brackets and plastic brackets. Zinc-aluminum (ZnAl) brackets are a good solution. Remember to choose a bracket specifically for the piece of furniture you have and its intended use. Choose more durable and heavy shelf brackets for book racks and other heavier shelves. Choose more delicate and smaller shelf brackets, if you are going to mount some lighter glass shelves or shelves made of fiberboard or chipboard.


Angle brackets and floating shelf support systems

For furniture, industrial shelves and other solutions, use angle brackets presented in this category. Simple construction and assembly are huge advantages. In turn, if you are looking for a strong attachment that will prevent the shelf from slipping, equip yourself with a floating shelf support system. The furniture rod will keep them shelf-stable.


Equip your company with Furnica

If you run a company and are looking for furniture accessories, you've come to the right place. We serve individual clients, companies, wholesalers and the furniture industry. On our site, you will find not only shelf brackets but also thousands of other furniture accessories. Buy furniture hinges, connecting elements, furniture supports, guides, furniture rods, caps and many, many more products! Enjoy your shopping.



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