Adjustable Desk Frame - Black

Adjustable Desk Frame - Black

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Technical data: Electrically Adjustable Desk Frame with Anti-collision System - Black

 Colour: Black
 Maximum load: 70kg
 Lowest position: 710mm
 Highest position: 1210mm
 Worktop width: 1000-1600mm
 Worktop depth: 500-800mm


Work standing up - it is your decision

With the electric desk, your workspace becomes a hybrid. If you find that sitting becomes tiresome, change from sitting to standing and the desk will do it with you. Adjust the height from 710 - 1210 mm.

Everything under control

Up and down buttons allow you to easily adjust the ideal height of the tabletop. Adjustment is extremely intuitive. If an adult sits at your desk, you can adjust the top to their height, and if a child sits down, you can easily lower the top without changing chairs or putting extra layers on top. This is great for small spaces.