Cabinet door bumper - self-adhesive - 8x22mm Black - 30pcs

Cabinet door bumper - self-adhesive - 8x22mm Black - 30pcs

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Technical data: Self-adhesive Cabinet Door Bumper 8x22mm Black

 Material colour: Black
 Self-Adhesive: Yes
 Dimensions: 8x22mm
 Thickness: 2mm
 Quantity per sheet: 30 pcs


Black cabinet door bumpers – practical use

Self-adhesive door bumpers 8x22 mm will be useful for many pieces of furniture. A common problem is that the fronts of the cabinets close loudly. To minimize the noise generated by closing the cabinets, replace the hinges with ones that have a soft-close mechanism (you can also find them in the Furnica store). You can also opt for a simpler and cheaper step - use self-adhesive door bumpers. These cabinet door bumpers will stop the pressure of the front, reduce the noise generated and make everyday activities in the kitchen more enjoyable. Of course, you can use this product for various types of furniture.

Rectangular door bumpers for kitchen cabinets – 30 pcs.

Versatile, black self-adhesive door bumpers (8x22 mm) is a proposal for people who want to quickly increase the comfort of the kitchen and other rooms. The rectangular shape makes it great if it comes to reduce the volume of fronts finished with narrow frames. Of course, in other subcategories, you will also find other self-adhesive cabinet door bumpers proposals. Check them out now or place an order for this product.