Cam Dowel 28mm with M6 Screw-Thread - 100 pcs

Cam Dowel 28mm with M6 Screw-Thread - 100 pcs

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Technical data: Cam Dowel 28mm with M6 Screw-Thread

 Material colour: Zinc
 Material: Steel
 Length: 28mm
 Thread: Metric (M6)
 Quantity: 100 pieces


Cam Dowel 28mm with M6 Screw-Thread – 100 pcs

Zinc coated steel combined with plastic will ensure this cam dowel with everything you need to have a flawless connection between two, separated pieces of furniture. If you want to have good technical features – here they are. And you cannot forget about the visual aspects – this cam pin has it in offer, too. It is absolutely incredible when it comes to fulfiling people's expectations, so if you are curious about it as well – try it out and let us know what you think!

No time to wait any longer for a perfect connection

Long-lasting connection betweeen the chosen furniture is extremely important. You probably do not want to fight with that all the time. With a cam mandrel like this one, you will not have to get annoyed about small things like that. The connection will be surely long-lasting and stable. Also, the visual side of it all will be satysfying, too. The connection will be invisible and you will be in awe with that – and so will your guests! You will certainly fall for this furniture connector.