Cutlery Tray for Drawer, Cabinet Width: 700mm, Depth: 490mm - Metallic
Cutlery Tray

Cutlery Tray for Drawer, Cabinet Width: 700mm, Depth: 490mm - Metallic

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Technical data: Cutlery Tray for Drawer 700mm - Metallic

 Material colour: Metallic
 Material: Plastic
 Material thickness: 1.6mm
 Cabinet Width: 700mm
 Tray width [adjustable]: 608 - 650mm
 Depth: 490mm


Keep your drawer organized

You may know that feeling when dinner burns in the pot or pan and you can't find your favorite plastic spoon that you always use to stir your meal. It's hidden somewhere in a drawer among all the other kitchen utensils, most of which you don't use anyway. How about putting the cutlery tray in a drawer and arranging the utensils by category and frequency of use?

Making everyday cooking easier

Setting the table without a cutlery tray is also not an easy or quick task. First you have to find the right number of forks, spoons and knives, wipe them with a cloth and arrange them. From the cutlery tray, you pull out the type of cutlery you need and place them on the table. Dinner is set in just a few minutes.

Easy to clean

Having a cutlery tray in your drawer makes cleaning up so much easier. Simply pull the entire organizer out of the drawer, remove the cutlery, wipe it down and put it back. No need to rummage through the drawer and pull out cutlery pieces one by one. In addition, the cutlery tray is made of sturdy material that is easy to clean and has an aesthetic look as well.