Double modern hanger hook - Vertical - Satin

Double modern hanger hook - Vertical - Satin

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Technical data: Double modern hanger hook - Vertical - Satin

 Height: 151mm
 Width: 24mm
 Length: 75mm
 Material Colour: Satin
 Material: Steel                                                                            


Double modern hanger hook - Vertical – Satin

A satin hanger hook can be a great solution for any type of interior. A functional hanger like this one will fulfil its role in many places. Bathroom, kitchen, hallway – it all depends on your needs only. Such a useful hook is extremely versatile. You can hang anything you want on it – cloths, towels, bathrobes, coats, jackets, or even hats and scarves. This modern hanger hook is a total must-have when it comes to furniture accessories.

A steel hanger hook – solid and durable

If you need a strong, solid and durable hanger for your house, you should try out our new double hanger hook. It has been made out of steel, so it has all of the great features when it comes to its technical side. Not to mention, that once you hang something on it, these things will not fall off of it. And, you no longer have to overpay for such a practical furniture accessory – the price is low yet the build quality is definitely of a premium level. Our vertical hanger hook will be your new best friend for sure.