Drawer runners ball bearing 500mm - H30 (right and left side)

Drawer runners ball bearing 500mm - H30 (right and left side)

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Technical data: Ball bearing drawer runners 500mm H30

 Producer: Furnica
 Length: 500mm
 Height: 30mm
 Material: Zinc coated steel
 Material Thickness: 0.8mm
 Max Weight: 15kg
 Additional Mechanism: Rubber brake
 Full-extension: Yes
 Colour: Zinc
 Quantity: 2 (right and left side)


Ball-bearing drawer runners – 500 mm, H30

The drawer runners ball bearing 500 mm, H30, is a model of larger drawer runners. High-quality zinc-coated steel is a guarantee of durability. Ball-bearing runners equipped with a full extension mechanism that allows you to use the drawer more easily. With these runners, the drawer slides out even further, so you can easily reach for items stored at the end of the drawer. Furthermore, this drawer runner ball bearing fits into a wide variety of drawers, kitchen cabinets and other furniture. The classic bolt-on installation means no expert knowledge is required. 

Furnica’s drawer runners – practical and reliable

The ball-bearing drawer runners 500 mm, H30, is dedicated to larger drawers. The maximum load is 15 kg. Dismantlable slide arm and rubber brake mechanism implemented. With this type of runner installed, the drawer will run smoothly and without any problems. Order this product now or check out drawer runners in other sizes in our Furnica store!