Drawer runners ball bearing 600mm - H35 (right and left side)

Drawer runners ball bearing 600mm - H35 (right and left side)

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Technical data: Ball bearing slides H35

 Producer: Furnica
 Length: 600mm
 Height: 35mm
 Material: Zinc coated steel
 Material Thickness: 0.8mm
 Max Weight: 25kg
 Additional Mechanism: Rubber brake
 Full Extension: Yes
 Colour: Zinc

Drawer runners ball bearing 600mm 

Drawer runners offer full extension so you can easily access all the products in your cupboards. The ball bearing drawer runners are made from zinc coated steel which is a very durable material. With these runners cabinet will open smoothly with a single pull. Forget about jamming.

Only open when you want to

The model is suitable for various types of drawers. The drawer runners are fitted with a rubber brake, which prevents self-opening. Thanks to this the drawer will not open on its own when you move or reposition the cabinet, for example during cleaning or rearranging. In addition to the rubber brake, the slides feature: durable construction, dismantle drawer arms, full extension mechanism. 

Furnica- supplier of furniture fittings

We have many different types of drawer runners in our range. You can also choose: soft close, push to open, auto-lock or roller runners. You can purchase concealed undermount runners or full system boxes too. Check out our range and choose what suits you best.