Drawer runners soft-close 750mm - H45 (right and left side)

Drawer runners soft-close 750mm - H45 (right and left side)

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Technical data: Soft close drawer runners 750mm H45

 Producer: Furnica
 Length: 750mm
 Height: 45mm
 Material: Zinc coated steel
 Material Thickness: 1.0/1.0/1.2mm
 Max Weight: 45kg
 Additional Mechanism: Soft Close 
 Full Extension: Yes
 Colour: Zinc
 Quantity: 2 (right and left side)

Drawer runners soft-close 750mm - H45 (right and left side)

Our new drawer runners have been made from a durable, strong and solid production material, which is zinc coated steel. Such practical drawer slides of ours can hold weight up to 45 kg and this is a really good number. You will not have to worry about overload or anything like that. Your mind will feel calm and you will definitely feel satisfied with these functional drawer guides. They will surely not let you down and they will live a long life by your side.

Lots of benefits coming along

These useful drawer runners are surely one of a kind when it comes to our modern furniture accessories. They are equipped in a soft-close system, so once you close your drawer, there wil be no noise. Everything will be done slowly and quietly. Aside from that, these cheap drawer slides are equipped in a full extension feature. Thanks to that, you will be able to fully open the drawer and everything will be well visible and easy to reach. Your life will get much more comfortable and more effortless for sure.