Folding laundry basket 60cm - Chrome

Folding laundry basket 60cm - Chrome

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Technical data: Chrome Folding laundry basket 60cm

 Height: 605mm
 Width: 530mm
 Depth: 300mm
 Suitable for cabinet width: 600mm
 Material   colour: Chrome (G01)
 Material: High quality steel wire, coated with high-quality zinc


Ergonomic solution for your needs

The folding laundry basket is front-mounted, but what does it actually mean? It means that you mount it to your cabinet and thanks to that, the basket will be invisible to others. It will match with the whole interior and your bathroom will look tidy. The clothes hamper is made out of wire that has got an anti=corrosion zinc coating on it. Thamks to that factor, your storage basket will not become a victim of this common situation. It will look as new as ever even after many years.

Folding laundry basket will keep your place in order

This clothes basket will make your life much easier and cleaner. Since it is hidden in your cabinet, the dirty clothes will not be all over your bathroom or your bedroom. They will have their own place, and they will wait calmly until you wash them. The clothes hamper will fit a lot of clothes inside, so if you have a big family that requires doing laundry on the regular basis, this laundry basket will make you slow down with the house chores. It will work the other way too – if you are single, or you do not have to do the laundry too often, this clothes basket will definitely last you a very long time.