Furniture rubber swivel wheel with mounting pin 8mm, brake and sleeve Ø50mm

Furniture rubber swivel wheel with mounting pin 8mm, brake and sleeve Ø50mm

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Technical data: Ø50mm Furniture rubber swivel wheel with mounting pin 8mm, brake and sleeve

Diameter: 50mm
Height: 65mm
Width: 50mm
Mounting Pin: 8mm/29mm
Material: Metal, Rubber, Plastic, Ball bearings


Highest quality rubber wheel with mounting pin, break & sleeve –  Ø50 mm

Elegant and graceful furniture wheel perfect as a replacement for a swivel chair, and also as a necessary part to create new sliding furniture! It is a reliable furniture rubber swivel wheel in a two-colour version - black (plastic) & light grey (rubber). The highest quality materials and careful workmanship can be seen at first glance. This type of model will be the perfect choice for elegant office chairs, but it will also work well as a part of swivel chairs at home. A special rubber ensures that the furniture moves comfortably on various surfaces. It can be used on a floor with carpet, floor tiles, planks and wood panels. The rubber is non-slip and safe for all types of surfaces, it does not scratch.

Furniture rubber wheel – smoothly running & looking great

The swivel castor not only looks good, but also works completely smoothly, and the high quality makes it a product that will do its job without any faults for many years to come. The method of assembly is also noteworthy. In this case, we have a clamping mechanism (mounting pin: 8x29 mm). The furniture swivel wheel is equipped with an effective brake mechanism. The set also includes a sleeve.