Furniture rubber wheel with bearing Ø38mm

Furniture rubber wheel with bearing Ø38mm

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Technical data: Furniture rubber wheel with bearing Ø38mm

Diameter: 38mm
Height: 54mm
Width: 22mm
Mounting Plate: 42x42mm
Lifting capacity: 19 kg
Material: Metal, Rubber, Ball bearing

  • Safe on Carpet, Concrete, Tile, & Wood Surfaces
  • For Use On: Desks, TV Stands, Carts, Bed Frames, Dressers, Chairs, Tables, Stools, Toolboxes & More


Rubber furniture wheel 38 mm

Often, a situation arises when you want to move a piece of furniture from A to B. For whatever reason, parquet or laminate floors are often scratched, and you become irritated. Whatever the reason, this often leads to scratches on parquet or laminate floors, leaving you uncomfortable and upset. This situation can only remain a memory, and Furnica is here to help. Furnica has developed special furniture castors. Therefore, the castors are rubber and therefore adapt to any surface, making them a very versatile option. They are safe for concrete, carpets, parquet and other delicate surfaces. An additional advantage is that this product is equipped with ball bearings, ensuring high strength and good turning ability at the same time.

Product parameters

A characteristic feature that cannot be ignored is the load capacity of up to 19 kg. This ensures that the castors can be fitted to many furniture pieces such as cupboards, chests of drawers or tables. The universal size with a diameter of 38mm at the forefront makes it a popular choice among customers. The material of which the castors are made, among others metal, plastic and rubber, ensures long durability of the product at an excellent price.