Glass protective pads - 14x2.0mm - 28pcs

Glass protective pads - 14x2.0mm - 28pcs

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Technical data: Transparent Glass Protective Pads 14x2mm

 Material colour: Transparent
 Diameter: 14mm
 Thickness: 2mm
 Quantity per sheet: 28 pcs


Glass protective pads – small, but effective

Glass cabinets require special safeguards. However, they can be small so that they are not too conspicuous. Glass protective pads are just such a solution. In this category you can buy a set of 28 separate glass protective pads - dimensions 14x2.0 mm at a very affordable price. Glass protective pads are a simple, yet effective solution if you are looking for a way to protect glass surfaces from breaking. These pads work in such a way that they protect the glass effectively absorbing the impact of the cabinet door. As a result, the whole thing will be safe, and you will not have to worry about anything when you close a glass cabinet or other similar piece of furniture with glass elements every time!

Glass protective pads – order them in bulk!

At Furnica, we offer our furniture accessories to both individual clients, wholesalers and furniture manufacturing companies. Choose wholesale quantities of glass protective pads. These are products commonly used in the furniture industry!