Glass protective pads - 18x3.8mm - 12pcs

Glass protective pads - 18x3.8mm - 12pcs

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Technical data: Transparent Glass Protective Pads 18x3.8mm

 Material colour: Transparent
 Diameter: 18mm
 Thickness: 3.8mm
 Quantity per sheet: 12 pcs


Glass protective pads – 18x3.8 mm

Are you looking for the right protection for your glass cabinets? Glass protective pads can be the solution. It is known that glass cabinets require special security because often the glass in the door frame is very fragile and prone to breakage when closing faster or more abruptly. On the other hand, securing the cabinets against possible slamming of cabinet doors can be difficult because the space is small. You mount the glass protective pads directly on the inner part of the frame of cabinet doors. What you only need is to use such a glass protective pad and the closing of the door will be effectively cushioned.

12 pcs of best protective pads for glass cabinets

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