Metal Cable Grommet 60mm - Chrome

Metal Cable Grommet 60mm - Chrome

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Technical data: Cable Grommet Metal 60mm Chrome

 Inner Diameter: 58mm
 Outer Diameter: 68mm
 Height: 13mm
 Material: Metal
 Colour: Chrome


Highest quality materials – Furnica professional cable glands are made of metal, contain a lid and aesthetic plastic cover,

Cable gland sizes – 60 mm – enough to fix many cables at once!

Great protection – a smooth element protects cables from abrasion due to rough or sharp edges of the desk, and also helps to organize things,

Brush wire – a special nylon brush is inside the cable entry hole. It will get sick before the chafing. It will ensure stability. No unwanted wires displacements!

A high degree of practicality – the Furnica metal grommets will also allow you to carefully route cables through standard holes (about 21 mm x 29 mm) that currently fit most electrical outlets!

Easy to install (desk & walls) – Furnica metal guides are very easy to install and glue – it only takes a moment!

Cable grommets (60mm) for the office and home - better order on the desk and more

There are a number of different items that, despite their small size, are able to achieve amazing results in terms of improving functioning. It is for a reason that most offices have this type of metal cable grommets. This is due to their practicality. These products effectively and forever help you deal with cables that get tangled under your feet and take up too much space on your desk! By using cable grommets (no special tools required to install) the desired order will prevail in your space. Cable grommets supplied by Furnica can be placed on desks in workplaces as well as at home. Thanks to their high versatility, they can also be installed in cable wall openings.

Chrome cable grommets (60mm) - Furnica

The presented model in chrome color brings to mind full professionalism and reliability. By choosing such a product you can slightly improve the image of the place. Great design and best quality materials are the main features of Furnica company. Trust our products and buy them now at a great price!