Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 20x20mm Grey

Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 20x20mm Grey

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Technical data: Grey Felt Pad 20x20mm

Size:  20x20mm
Colour: Grey
Thickness: 3mm
Quantity per sheet: 50 pcs

Self-adhesive felt pads will take care

Small felt pads for furniture will be exactly what you want for your floor and furniture to be safe and free from any kind of damages all the time. These grey furniture felt pads will protect all of it in the best way and you can be sure that they are really good at that. From this day on, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful furniture and floor how long you want to. The self-adhesive felt pads are easy to mount, too. You should just stick them correctly to your furniture's legs and you will be done in a minute!

Nothing you need more for your furniture

As we have talked about them being great security for your floor and furniture, as well as being easy to mount, now it is the time to talk about their other advantages. Grey furniture felt pads can mute the noise that can come along with sliding your chairs in and out or moving your furniture a bit. You will no longer have to hear that annoying sounds any longer. Square furniture felt pads are really great in supporting the protection of your floor and furniture, so you should totally hurry up and get them quickly.