Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 40x40mm/20x40mm Grey

Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 40x40mm/20x40mm Grey

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Technical data: Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 40x40mm/20x40mm

 Size:  40x40mm/20x40mm
 Colour: Grey
 Thickness: 3mm
 Quantity per sheet: 10/5 pcs


Mixed felt pads are a must-have

Grey felt pads for furniture with a mixed sizes are a great thing to have. You have two sizes combined and this is actually a nice solution. Grey furniture felt pads will be needed for any kind of furniture that you have. They are easy to mount, so you do not have to be afraid of it. It is enough if you stick them properly to the chosen furniture's legs. It will take very little of your time, too. And you will be done in a short time without any irritation, because it is an effortless thing to do.

Your floor and furniture need a support

Sometimes we do not realize how important it is to provide our house the best things we can to protect it so it can last long for us. The good protection of your flooring and furniture can be provided by these self-adhesive felt pads. They do not cost a fortune, but they can save your house from needless expenses, that may appear if you do not take care of anything well. Remember that it is always better to prevent than fight with anything.