Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 40x90mm Grey

Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 40x90mm Grey

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Technical data: Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 40x90mm Grey

 Size:  40x90mm
 Colour: Grey
 Thickness: 3mm
 Quantity per sheet:  5 pcs


Grey felt pads are great supporters

These big furniture felt pads will provide you the best protection of your flooring and furniture. They will not give you any chance to regret that you have chosen them. Your house will be free from any damages for a very long time. You will not have to worry about unneeded expenses that could come along with damaged floor or any of your furniture. You will feel only relief from now on and you will feel nothing but joy every time you move your furniture.

They will do their job well

Rectangular felt pads are definitely a thing you need at your place. The security they can give you is irreplaceable and one in a million. Not to mention, that these self=adhesive felt pads are extremely easy and effortless to mount. All you have to do is to stick them to the furniture's legs properly and correctly, so you can fully enjoy the given protection. Aside from all these benefits, there is also one that is exceedingly nice and that is muting the noise and other sounds when you want to slide your chairs in and out or move your furniture a bit. You will surely get surprised with other things as well.