Self-Adhesive Felt Pad Ø15mm Grey

Self-Adhesive Felt Pad Ø15mm Grey

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Technical data: Self-Adhesive Felt Pad Ø15mm Grey

Size:  Ø15mm
Colour: Grey
Thickness: 3mm
Quantity per sheet: 72 pcs


Round furniture felt pads are full of pluses

Grey furniture felt pads will shock you the longer you have them. You will explore all of their advantages one by one every single day. They are easy to mount because you only need to stick them to your chosen furniture's legs and you are done, and that is what we all like. They will not only save your time but it is also extremely effortless thing to do so you will surely not get irritated while doing that. This task really could not be easier than that.

You will fall in love with them

Self-adhesive felt pads for furniture have been mostly made for protecting the furniture and floor from any damages and it is true – they are fantastic at it and this is definitely their biggest advantage, but they can surprise you with many other. As easy mounting and protection of your floor have been already mentioned, the last but not least big advantage of them is muting all kind of noise that your furniture could bring everytime you move them. You will be in awe with how quiet their movements can actually be – and it is all thanks to the round felt pads.