Self-Adhesive Felt Pad Ø18mm Black

Self-Adhesive Felt Pad Ø18mm Black

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Technical data: Self-Adhesive Felt Pad Ø18mm Black

Size:  Ø18mm
Colour: Black
Thickness: 3mm
Quantity per sheet: 50 pcs


Black felt pads have many purposes

Self-adhesive felt pads for furniture can amaze you with all they can do to protect your flooring and furniture. But it is definitely not the only thing why you should invest in them. The other reasons may be super practical and useful as well, like the fact that they can mute the noises that come out every single time you move your furniture or slide your chairs in and out – the noise is irritating but with the black furniture felt pads you will not have to put up with it any longer.

What you expect is what you get

As the title says, we can totally assure you that if you expect these round felt pads to protect your floor and not find any damages on it – you will get that. Your flooring will be safe as well as your furniture – you will not have to be afraid about it anymore. You will definitely be satisfied with all the other benefits coming along with these felt pads – a smile on your face is guaranteed and you will be able to explore more and more pluses of these black felt pads.