Self-Adhesive Felt Pad Ø40mm Grey

Self-Adhesive Felt Pad Ø40mm Grey

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Technical data: Self-Adhesive Felt Pad Ø40mm Grey

Size:  Ø40mm
Colour: Grey
Thickness: 3mm
Quantity per sheet: 12 pcs


Self-adhesive felt pads do not cost too much

If you want to find a good, but not too expensive protection for your floor and furniture, you should definitely invest your money for the self-adhesive felt pads. They will make everything safe, and they will always prevent your furniture and flooring from any kind of damages, so it will surely last you a much longer time than it would without the round felt pads for furniture. And with all the advantages they have besides the perfect protection – they deserve your attention even twice as much.

Many good things coming along with them

Aside from the protection that your floor and furniture need, the grey felt pads are great in other fields, as well. They are perfect at muting the noise, that can come out when you move your furniture or chairs. You will be satisfied with how quiet these simple activities can actually be. And it is all thanks to the felt pads. Not to mention, that you will finally be able to feel the relief as well as you will be able to rest and get some good sleep, because everything will be well-protected.