Single Dish Rack Kitchen Cabinet - Chrome - 900mm

Single Dish Rack Kitchen Cabinet - Chrome - 900mm

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Technical data: Single Dish Rack Chrome 900mm

 Length: 855mm
 Width: 221mm
 Cabinet Width: 900mm
 Material: Aluminum
 Colour: Chrome
 Included: 1 shelf

Dishses hidden in the cupboard

No one likes to have a mess around. With this single dish rack, cleaning up may be less burdensome. It is a perfect choice if you have a small kitchen and you notice that lots of dishes are all over it. From now on, your dishes will be hidden in the cabinet, so there will be more place on every side. It is also a practical idea if you do not cook too often. Your dishes will slowly gather in one place without you having to shelf it all the time. Your kitchen will always look very neat.

Big plus with small single dish rack

The dish drying rack was fabricated from a galvanized wire which makes it a solid structure that is hard to break. We have it available in a few widths, so you have got a full field to choose out of. You should remember to mount the dish dryer to an upper or wall cabinet, and not the bottom shelf. The good location is important due to the air circulation that the dish rack needs to prevent from mushrooms and other bacterium. When you have it all, you can finally enjoy the tidyness at such a low price. Find out more about effective drying of dishes.