Square Furniture Leg 40x40mm - H60mm - Black

Square Furniture Leg 40x40mm - H60mm - Black

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Technical data: Square cabinet leg 60mm

 Height: 60mm
 Adjustable Height: up to 20mm
 Width: 40x40mm
 Material: Aluminum
 Colour: Black

Square Furniture Leg 40x40mm - H60mm – Black

One of the new furniture accessories that we have available in our store is this practical square furniture leg. It has been made from aluminum, so it is extremely durable and solid. With a strong construction like that, you can be sure that it will live a long life by your side. This functional leg for furniture is 60 mm tall and you can adjust its height up to 20 mm. The width of it is 40x40 mm.

Aesthetic look of your interior

Our useful square leg for furniture will not only ensure you with a great technical side, but its visual side is also definitely on point. The design is very simple and classic. The colour of it is black, so it will look good with any type of furniture and any type of decor. This cheap leg for furniture is extremely universal when it comes to both – looks and usage. Such a modern furniture leg of ours is very stylish and elegant. You will certainly find a good place for that in your house, making your interior look classy and fabulous.