Square Furniture Lock 19x22mm, Folding Key, Chrome

Square Furniture Lock 19x22mm, Folding Key, Chrome

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Technical data: Square Lock For Cabinet - 19x22mm Chrome

 Dimensions:  19x22mm
 Material: ZnAl/ steel
 Colour: Chrome (G01)
 Designed for: Furniture

Why you should choose square furniture lock?

Smaller cabinets and drawers should also be secured properly! It turns out that it is not difficult at all. You only need to choose the right locks for your furniture. Here we present square furniture locks (dimensions: 19x22 mm) with a pack o folding keys included. Chrome colour makes this set very attractive and solid looking. They are simple locks, not anti-theft locks, but they perfectly fulfil their main tasks. Thanks to them, you will protect drawers and cabinets against children. You will keep everything organized and secured.

Why choose furniture lock with folding key?

Square furniture locks are an offer for people who care about every detail. In this case, however, the matter is important, because access to some of the contents of cabinets and drawers should not be for everyone. Fortunately, by deciding to purchase this lock, you will solve this problem quickly. The installation of square furniture lock is extremely simple and you can do it yourself without any specialist knowledge or experience as an installation worker. Choose a durable product now and make your life easier with Furnica! Enjoy your shopping!